Code of Ethics

The COIM Group Code of Ethics sets out the principles and guidelines on which the Company bases the conduct of its business.

This document is addressed to users both inside and outside the organization, and states the Company's philosophy and aims, defines the Code of Conduct to be adopted and individuals' responsibilities, and guarantees the maximum transparency to stakeholders.


Organisation, Management and Control Model

In 2010 that the COIM Group Board of Directors approved the Organization, Management and Control Model, drafted in accordance with the tenets of Italian Legislative Decree no.231/2001.

The current version has been revised twice, in 2013 and 2016. The latter version is currently in force.

The Organization, Management and Control Model includes a set of rules, regulations and procedures for internal control.
Compliance with it guarantees transparency and provides safeguards in the event of offences which imply responsibility on the part of the Company under administrative law.

This document's main aim is to analyse, identify and, if necessary, correct potentially risky company practices, in order to prevent offences from being committed.


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