The FILCO line consists of products used in the treatment of reinforcing fibres for composites: all reinforcing fibres, whether in glass, carbon, basalt or other materials, require a specific surface treatment, to enable to function effectively in the composite.

FILCO products can be categorized into:

• Waterborne resin dispersions of different chemistry (polyester, epoxy, polyurethane and hybrid) used as film-formers in the formulation of reinforcing fibre sizing
• additives for the formulation of reinforcing fibre sizing
• polyester powders used as mat binders, which can be powder soluble (CSM binders) or powder insoluble (CFM binders)

Industries of application

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The families Filco

FILCO waterborne resin dispersions are used in fibre production to provide the fibre with the necessary protection during processing, and to ensure its compatibility with the matrix. COIM produces and emulsifies its resins using a phase inversion in-house developed process. This provides dispersions with high stability thanks to the fine particle-size distribution, and a high degree of compatibility with the other components of the sizing and the most widely used thermosetting and thermoplastic matrices. The FILCO product range includes: water based dispersions of polyester resins, for fibres used in processes such as manual lamination, cutting and spraying, continuous lamination, SMC and BMC; water based dispersions of low molecular weight epoxy or epoxy-ester resins for fibres used in filament winding, pultrusion and weaving processes; water based dispersions of epoxy resins with high molecular weight, for fibres used to reinforce thermoplastics; water based dispersions of epoxy-urethane resins, for fibres used in SMC and BCM; and water based dispersions of polyurethane resins, for fibres used in the reinforcement of polyamide matrixes.

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FILCO styrene-soluble powder are bisphenol polyester resins with a medium level of unsaturation, supplied as powder with clearly defined particle-size distribution, capable of maximizing the quantity of powder available for binding chopped strands. In the condition of use (ovens at 200-220°C), these powders melt without crosslinking, giving the resulting mat the mechanical strength and rapid solubility in styrene that enables its swift, complete impregnation with unsaturated polyester resins and epoxy resins.  Upstream of this process, COIM also produces its own bisphenol adducts, a critical raw material for the synthesis of FILCO soluble powder.

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FILCO styrene-insoluble powders are highly crystalline, highly unsaturated polyesters available with various particle-size distributions for the different types of application (larger granules for dry applications, finer granules for slurries).  These powders also contain a catalyst: in the conditions of use (ovens at 200-220°C), the insoluble FILCO powder melts quickly, has low viscosity at high temperatures that enables to spread quickly over the fibre contact points, and crosslinks immediately. The resulting continuous filament mat (CFM) has very low styrene-solubility and high tensile modulus, making it a very good fit for closed mould and pultrusion processes.

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