The ISOEXTER line consist of polyester polyols and polyether polyols, used for the production of rigid polyurethane insulating foams.

The products in this line combine easy processability with the production of foams with excellent mechanicalfire resistance and thermal insulation properties.

The fields of application are insulating panels (continuous and discontinuous), appliances, block foams, one-component foams (OCFs), sprays and imitation wood.

The ISOEXTER line is subdivided into 2 families: Isoexter (polyester polyols) and Isoter (polyether polyols).

Industries of application

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The families Isoexter

This family includes polyester polyols which allow a reduction in the use of flame retardant additives for the production of rigid polyurethane foams and PIRs with excellent fire resistance.

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The Isoter family comprises polyether polyols, produced from propylene oxide, used for the preparation of polyurethane systems for rigid insulating foams with good mechanical resistance and dimensional stability characteristics. Isoter polyether polyols are compatible with Isoexter polyester polyols, thus allowing the characteristics of both families to be combined.

Products suitable for:

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