What we do

COIM first aim is to entertain any new development as long as it is respects fundamental values such as Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment. 
Focus on consistently improving customer satisfaction, environmental protection and health, inside and outside its production plants, is systematically managed, setting new targets to be achieved every year in agreement with the laws of every country in which COIM operates.

Environmental Sustainability

One of the challenges COIM has been tackling for some time is the Environmental Sustainability. This topic, which requires total commitment from all our staff, impacts various areas of our business.
Our R&D laboratories are constantly researching new materials, which continue to satisfy our customers' requirements while responding to the need to protect the environment.
We want our suppliers to share with us the vision of improvement we have set ourselves, the use of safe, innovative materials, and procedures created around the conservation of our planet.
Production is the phase of our activity where we concentrate our efforts to reduce waste of energy and raw materials through careful planning. The final aim of this policy is focused directly on the reduction of water consumption and CO2 emissions.


Social Sustainability

Another major challenge involves the Management of the Quality System. To pursue the targets we have set in this area, COIM has established an organization that works on processes and procedures to guarantee a constant increase in Quality.

We take same care of our products as the Health and Welfare of our Employees:

The more we care about our staff, the higher the quality of our products.


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